Uber Driver Who Picked Up Customers In-Between Murders Sentenced To Life

Michigan man gets life without parole after going on a killing spree in 2016.

A man who fatally shot six strangers in between picking up passengers for Uber has been sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole.

Jason Dalton was sentenced Tuesday in Kalamazoo County court. He pleaded guilty to murder last month, just as jury selection in his trial was about to begin.

Jason Dalton in an orange jumpsuit. Image: AP

Sitting in court in an orange jumpsuit, Dalton listened to emotional impact statements by a woman who survived being shot and family members of victims who died.

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"You tried to kill us all. You failed. I'm standing here, right here, in your face, in front of you. How does it make you feel? Image: AP

The 48-year-old Dalton admitted shooting eight people in three locations in the Kalamazoo area in February 2016.

Four women, a man and a 17-year-old boy were killed. Two others were injured.

Jason Dalton was sentenced Tuesday in Kalamazoo County court. Image: AP

After Dalton's arrest, police quoted him as saying a "devil figure" on Uber's app was controlling him on the day of the shootings.