Father Leaves Baby On A Train For A Smoko, Train Leaves

Shocking video shows a father leaving his baby on a departing train.

A baby has been reunited with its father after being left on a Cleveland RTA train.

According to the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority, the baby was left on a train heading westbound from the Windermere station on the morning of Jan. 12 as the father stepped off to smoke a cigarette on the platform.

A dad facing charges for leaving his baby on a departing train. Image: CBS News

Before arriving at the Superior RTA Station, the train operator was informed that the train pulled away from the platform without the father on board.

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Transit police and RTA staff responded quickly and returned to the station to reunite the man and his baby.

He left his baby to have a cigarette. Image: CBS News

The train operator initially told police that the father was menacing her, but the claims were unfounded during the RTA investigation. She was “coached” by her supervisor for not following communication procedures during the incident.

Neither the baby nor the passengers were in any danger during the indent, RTA officials say.