'Say Hi To Your Folks For Me!': Paul Pogba Responds To Aussie's Viral Tweet

It's a nightmare and a dream come true all in the one Twitter thread.

Aussie football fan, Nate Patrick, was left fuming this week after his parents boarded a train with the entire Manchester United team without even realising it.

The E-sports commentator told the tale of how his mum and dad were offered an apology and a picture by the famous player after they became visibly annoyed with the teams out of control game of Uno.

Patrick's dad obliged despite having absolutely no idea who "odd man with red crocodile-skin luggage" was.

He then sent the happy snap to the family group message asking who the kind man was.

This is how it played out in real life:

When the thread went viral, the legend that is Paul Pogba caught wind of it AND ACTUALLY REPLIED!

Manchester United has also reached out to Patrick offering up a tour of their facilities and free tickets to their clash against local team Perth Glory.

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There you have it folks, a nightmare-turned-dream in less than 72 hours.

Kudos to you Nate Patrick.