Here's How Animals Are Keeping Cool In Adelaide's Scorching 47 Degree Heat

It's hot as hell in Adelaide, and the animals are not going to take it anymore.

In fact, it's so hot that records have been smashed around South Australia, including in Adelaide itself, where the previous hottest day of 46.1 has been exceeded.

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So far, power outages are at a minimum so most people are coping. But the animals?

If this tortoise has taught us anything today, it's that tortoiseshells actually have never endings (we just Googled this). So Aoinka here is no doubt loving this delightful sponge bath.

Aoinka??? Anyway.

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OK here's an animal we've never heard of until now. They're called "coatis" (as in one coati, two or more coatis) and they're members of the raccoon family who also don't mind a bath in the extreme heat.

That bubbly tail. Best bubbly tail ever.

The magpies? No swooping today. Just drooping in the corner of the garden.

Sprinklers are helping to prevent any heat-related llama drama.

Cold tiles. An old trick which every dog has learned.

And for those furry friends who happen to be in residence at the RSPCA's shelter in the Adelaide suburb of Lonsdale, icy help just arrived.