One Horrible Weather Word To Make Every Melburnian Despair

You do not ever, EVER want to see this 10-letter word in the weather forecast.

"Oppressive". The word makes you shudder.

But that, friends, is the wording of the official Bureau of Meteorology forecast for Melbourne this evening.


As in, you will feel oppressed by the heat and humidity.

As in, now's a really good time to be sooooo 2016 and do the ice bucket challenge all over again.

As in, you'd better make that latte an iced latte.

As in, thanks a lot South Australia for sending all that bloody heat across the border into Victoria. Great neighbour behaviour. NOT.

The official Melbourne forecast for Friday is for a top of 44 in the city and 45 in some outer suburbs. Overnight it will drop to 29 -- but as the minimum temperature is usually after dawn, it'll likely be above 30 for most of the night.


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What this means for Friday's Australian Open tennis is unclear, but it is likely some matches will be postponed until a cool southerly change comes through in the afternoon.

Under The Open's extreme heat policy, matches are suspended or postponed at the referee's discretion. We imagine that 44 degree temperatures might at the very least get the referee thinking.

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