Snakes Are Swallowing Pet Cats Whole, The Question Is Why?

Snake catchers are urging Aussies to keep their cats inside after a python deadset ate a family pet.

Nothing says 'snake season" more than your beloved animal being eaten for breakfast, but sadly, that was a reality for a Noosa family.

Professional snake catcher Luke Huntley was called out to the family home last week to remove a carpet snake that had killed their beloved cat.

It came less than a week after Brisbane Snake Catchers were called to a property in Wishart, in Brisbane, after a carpet python chowed down on the family's two pet cats.

You might be surprised to know that it's normal for two or three household cats to be devoured by these legless creatures each year, and it's purely by chance.

"There's about a one in 10-million chance that your cat will be taken by a python," Huntley told 10 daily.

"What's very common is when a cat brings in a snake and people have to call a snake catcher to help them out, but sometimes a python of a certain size will meet with a curious cat and the snake wins," he said.

"This one was just very, very unlucky."

As unlucky as this feline was, it's prompted reptile wranglers across the country to warn all owners to keep their cats indoors, or in an outdoor enclosure.

Not only will it save family pets from hungry reptiles, but it will also stop them from getting hit by cars, attacked by dogs, and having fights with other cats, while protecting them from disease and stopping them from hunting local fauna, according to Huntley.

It seems snakes also like chicken, Doonan, January 11,2019 IMAGE: Facebook via Snake Catcher Noosa

Authorities have urged Queenslanders, in particular, to be on the lookout for snakes, after a record-high number of bites in 2018. 

Paramedics were called to more than 800 bites last year. In November, nine people were bitten in a single day.

But while there have been more bites than ever, Huntley said reports there are MORE snakes across the country, are simply not true.

"What's become more popular for snake catchers to do is to share video's online," he said. "So it's not that there are more snakes, it's just that it's publicised a lot more.

"There's the same amount of snakes as there's always been, in fact, I'd almost say there's almost less."

So now we know the country won't be taken over by pythons or brown snakes, what do we do if we spot a snake slithering through our home?

1.  Remove all kids and other pets from the area.

2. Cordon off the area and wedge towels under the door to make sure the reptiles can't escape.

3. Call a local snake catcher.

"Don't call your neighbour to come over with a shovel because they could get bitten", he said.

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