WATCH: Divers' Unreal Encounter With The Biggest Great White On Record

Deep Blue is more than six metres long, 2.4 metres wide, weighs in at about 2.5 tonnes and is believed to be more than 50 years old.

A handful of divers have been brave enough to get up close and personal with the biggest great white shark ever recorded, and they lived to tell the tale.

Great white's are hardly ever seen around Hawaii due to the warm waters, but it's believed Deep Blue was drawn to the area, about 13 kilometres south of Pearl Harbour because she was hungry.

Ocean Ramsey told the Honolulu Star Advertiser that they'd been filming tiger sharks feeding off a decomposing whale on January 15 when the monster of the sea arrived.

“She was just this big beautiful gentle giant wanting to use our boat as a scratching post", she said. "We went out at sunrise, and she stayed with us pretty much throughout the day”.

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Not only is Deep Blue the biggest great white recorded, but she's also believed to be expecting.

“She looks like she may be pregnant: She’s shockingly wide,” Ramsey said.

Ms Ramsey said her diving crew wasn't concerned about getting close the giant animal because older, pregnant females are the safest ones to be with, "because they've seen it all, including us.