Toddler Suffers Third Degree Burns To Feet After Walking On Scorching Pavement

A warning for parents as sweltering temperatures grip the nation, after a Perth toddler suffered horrific burns to his feet from hot pavement.

Fourteen-month-old Jagger Simmons was rushed to Perth Children's hospital with second and third degree burns to the soles of his feet, after playing at his Nanna's house on New Year's Day.

Mum Pippa Simmons, 34, said her son had been on the grass in the shade, but just moments later he'd wandered onto the pavement.

"We'd been playing outside and we put him down on the ground, barefoot, for just ten seconds or so, and yeah we turned around and the next minute he was screaming," she said.

Despite the temperature only reaching 30 degrees, it was enough to blister Jagger's feet and leave them red and swollen.

Screaming in pain, the 14-month-old was rushed straight into PCH's Emergency Department, where he underwent painful treatment over several days.

"They had to cut the blisters away from his feet and then that exposed some nerves which they were quite worried about," Mrs Simmons explained.

Despite concerns about infection, the bubbly 14-month-old has almost fully recovered. More than a fortnight later, there is now just faint peeling as a reminder of his ordeal.

The Perth family are now warning other parents about the dangers, especially given the scorching heatwave gripping the country.

"Just be careful of the heat at the moment and put shoes on your little bubbas as much as you can, even if they don't like it," Mrs Simmons warns.

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Kidsafe WA Chief Executive Scott Phillips says children, especially toddlers and babies, burn very quickly.

"Particularly our little ones, they've got a lot more sensitive skin, so if they go out onto the hot paths, sand, bitumen, or even concrete and steel, they will blister almost immediately."

While little Jagger is expected to make a full recovery, his Mum doesn't want to see any other families have to the go through the same agony.

"Nothing breaks your heart more than hearing your child scream in pain." she said.