Bad News: The Only Plant To Ever Grow On The Moon Has Died

There was talk of astronauts growing their own food in space, but in a flash that dream disappeared.

Just 24 hours after the world was blown away by news of a single green leaf sprouting inside the Chang'e 4 lander, China has confirmed the shoot is dead.

As night fell over the far side of the moon, two weeks after the rovers historic landing,  the cotton plant was plunged into darkness and temperatures plummeted to -170C, killing the moon garden instantly.

The probe entered "sleep mode" on Sunday in anticipation of the first lunar night and researchers were expecting the worst.

"Life in the canister would not survive the lunar night", the experiment's chief designer, Professor Xie Gengxin, said.

The cotton seeds were planted inside a sealed canister on the lander alongside potato seeds, rapeseed, yeast, and fruit fly eggs. They were the only ones to sprout.

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Now the experiment is over, the organic matter will gradually decompose in its container and won't affect the lunar environment, according to the China National Space Administration.

RIP moon cotton, you did your best.