Parents Petition To Have Parole Denied For Teen Daughter's 'Savage' Murderer

Tania Burgess was 15 when she was stabbed 48 times by another teenager, who is eligible for parole after 13 and a half years in jail.

Mandy and Chris Burgess have issued a public appeal that their daughter Tania's killer remain behind bars, as he makes a bid to be let out on parole.

Tania was brutally murdered after getting off the school bus near her Central Coast home in 2005. Because he was 16 at the time, her killer's identity has never been revealed.

Tania's parents have created a petition on urging the NSW Minister for Corrections, David Elliott, to deny the accused's parole request.

They have also pushed for the Government to amend the identification law of serious offenders when they turn 18, so they can be identified to the public.

Mandy and Chris Burgess with their daughters (Tania is pictured bottom right). Image: Channel 7.

Now 29 and still only known by his initials "DL", Tania's killer was put on trial in 2008 with the jury taking an hour and a half to deliver his guilty verdict.

While he has never admitted to the crime, the court heard "DL" had confessed his guilt to a cellmate and had "overwhelming" forensic evidence against him.

After she was stabbed 48 times, Tania identified "DL" as her murderer -- giving his name, class and school -- to rescuers in the moments before she died.

Taken into custody on the day of the murder, "DL" was initially sentenced to 17 years in jail, which was reduced to 13 on appeal.

He became eligible for parole on July 19 last year and because his sentence will expire July 18, 2023, he recently applied for parole for its remainder.

The petition from Mandy and Chris Burgess on behalf of their late daughter Tania. Image:

The NSW Parole Authority will next provide consideration to this matter on March 8, a spokeswoman told 10 daily.

Early release is often considered when there is clear evidence of remorse and rehabilitation. DL has "shown no remorse", according to Mandy Burgess.

"Tania deserves more justice than this, her life was cut short and we are so deeply saddened by the loss of our daughter and knowing that the man that killed her could potentially be released without a name or face for the community to watch out for," Burgess wrote to NSW Minister David Elliott.

In the petition, Burgess also claimed "DL" assaulted her in their family home one month before her daughter's murder.

When asked about the case, a NSW Police spokesperson told 10 daily: "It is not appropriate for us to comment on matters before the parole board."

David Elliott MP has been contacted for further comment.

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