Brekky Wrap: Doctor Ran To Help Crash Victim To Find Dead Fiancée In Wreckage

All the news you need to know this Wednesday.

British Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal has suffered a huge 230 vote defeat in parliament. The historic defeat leaves Britain in limbo just two months before the country is due to leave the European Union. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has called for a vote of no-confidence in the government which will be debated tomorrow.

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At least five people have been killed during an attack on a luxury hotel in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi. Suspected militants launched a bomb and gun rampage on the complex. The Australian embassy is across the road.

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Doctor Scot Brading was walking his dog when he witnessed a car accident, the High Court in Edinburgh has heard. When he ran to help the victims of the crash he discovered his fiancee Meghan Ambrozevich-Blair who was already being given first aid by another off-duty doctor. Tragically, she was unable to be revived and later died.

Meghan was killed by a truck driver back in 2016 who was performing a three-point turn on a road in East Lothian, Scotland. Meghan's car collided with the truck who was travelling the wrong way along the road when the crash occurred. The court continues to investigate the circumstances of her death.

Meghan died in 2016 and now the court is investigating the circumstances of her death. Image: Facebook/Vets4Pets Straiton.

A man has been arrested at Sydney Airport for alleged online child exploitation. The 25-year-old is accused of having explicit conversations with a 15-year-old girl on social media and requesting images of her. He was detained after flying into Australia from the US yesterday.

The fake breath test rort run by Victoria Police has been slammed as an ‘ethical failure’ in a new report. Officers falsified more than 250,000 breath tests over five years.

Mental health services across the country will receive close to $1.5 billion under a funding model shake-up. Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt says it will ensure help is on hand in every corner of the nation.

Health Minister Greg Hunt will announce more funding to mental health services. Image: AAP.

A new poll has revealed 75 percent of Australians want Australia Day to remain on January 26. It comes amid a push from several councils and the Greens to change the date in the name on inclusivity.

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An artist from Namibia has erected an art installation in the middle of the Nambi Desert so that Toto's 'Africa' can play until the end of time. The art consists of seven pillars that are stuck in the sand. Six of them have solar-powered speakers to play the music and the seventh central pillar is home to an mp3 player with just one song loaded to it.

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The art installation in the Namib desert. Image: Instagram/Max Siedentopf.

Parts of South Australia are bracing for a third straight day of scorching heat as the state’s record-breaking heatwave continues. Temperatures are about 10 degrees above average, with Adelaide set to reach 40 degrees again on Wednesday.

The Socceroos have booked a spot in the Asian Cup knockout rounds, defeating Syria 3-2.

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