Are Bad Google Map Directions Screwing Over Aussie Businesses?

What does Google have against the big banana?

There are so many great things to see in Australia, Uluru, the pinnacles, and other famous rocks. But none of these things are close, you need to jump in a car and drive for at least a couple of hours if you want to see anything good.

For most of us Google maps have become our go-to navigation, gone are the days of eyes quickly darting to a Melways in the passenger seat or forcing your small child to shout directions over a large unfolded map.

Well, now some rural Australian businesses would rather you use the latter options, claiming that Google maps is giving bad directions and driving tourism away.

Ian Simpson, runner of the Windorah Western Star Hotel told the ABC that Google maps were under the impression that the trip to Windorah was close to 11 hours.

"If you want to pull up and look at the old Betoota Pub or pull in at Deons Lookout or see the snake on the hill or anything like that [it would take six hours], but no, it won't take 10 or 11 hours,"
This guy got lost and was not happy about it

It’s not just Hotels that claim they’re getting a bad deal, museums aren’t too happier either.

General manager of the Eromanga Natural History Museum, Robyn McKenzie told the ABC.

"What we're finding is people aren't coming to these parts of Australia because Google Maps isn't updating its mapping… People just simply don't come to these areas because the travel times are incorrect."

This museum holds remains of one of Australia’s largest dinosaurs, I mean who wouldn’t want to see that?

Hopefully, things will improve for these outback destinations, with Google releasing this statement to the ABC

‘Google Maps strives to accurately model and reflect the real world. We are investigating to see what may have happened here and will take the appropriate action. We apologize if any businesses or communities have been affected negatively due to errors on the map.’

But in the meantime, just navigate yourself - find an old map, draw out your coordinates and discover what this great big country has to offer.