The Most Heart-Warming And Infuriating Video You'll See All Week

A heroic dog spent two days on frozen rail-tracks protecting his injured friend, but there's one question that needs answering.

It's a beautiful, yet heart-breaking story that's resurfaced in 2019.

A male stray dog named Panda stayed by the side of his seriously injured companion Lucy during sub-zero temperatures near the Ukrainian city of Uzhgorod, for days, before help arrived.

Panda watches over Lucy on a snow-covered Ukraine rail track IMAGE: Facebook/Denis Malafeev

The pair snuggled into each other to avoid the cold, with Panda not moving beyond a metre from his wounded friend.

At one heart-wrenching point, Panda is seen lying flat on the tracks next to his injured friend, Lucy, pushing her head down as a fast-moving train comes straight for them.

IMAGE: Facebook/Denis Malafeev

The furry friends both survived the ordeal and were eventually rescued by animal welfare volunteer, Denis Malafeev. He took the dogs to a local housing shelter where they were fed, warmed up and cared for. In good news -- both returned to full health in no time.

Here at 10 daily we can't help but think: WHY DIDN'T ANYBODY RESCUE THEM SOONER?

There are several videos, which have notched up close to two million views on Facebook, that when combined run for a minute.

There are also several people heard chatting in the background well before the train made its approach.

Malafeev even wrote that he had two friends contact him about the injured, freezing dogs over as many days. Two!

While the question remains, the video tells a true tale of friendship and love that is sure to fire up all of the feels.