'Don't Bun And Drive': Truck Driver Claims Hot Cross Buns Could Put You Over Drink-Driving Limit

It may only be January, but hot cross buns are hot out of the oven and onto supermarket shelves, prompting an online warning from a West Australian truck driver.

In a video posted to Pilbara Heavy Haulage Girls Facebook page, co-founder Heather Jones claims just one bite of the Easter treat can impact your blood alcohol level, demonstrating on a breathalyzer.

"If you're driving a truck be really careful," she tells viewers.

"I'm going to blow and show you something."

She then blows into the breathalyzer before showing a result of 0.000.

"Zeros. One mouthful of a hot cross bun..."

After taking a bite out of a hot cross bun, chewing and swallowing, Jones returns a reading of 0.018.

"So, be really careful this Easter," she adds.

Image: Getty

With more than four million views and 110,000 shares, the video has gone viral since it was uploaded on Sunday.

Alcolizer, a maker of breathtest machines, does warn on its website some foods can create false positive alcohol readings.

“It has been said that in cooking a pizza, the yeast present in dough can produce alcohol. This is only possible if the pizza was not cooked correctly — and even then the levels of alcohol would be so low and not detected,” Alcolizer's website reads.

“That said, forms of fermentation can occur in other foods, especially when the use of yeast is involved.”

This could potentially explain why a hot cross bun would return a false reading, however many in the comments of the video remain skeptical.