Storm Chaos After Sydney Drops From 40 To 24 Degrees

A severe thunderstorm warning for damaging winds, large hailstones and heavy rainfall has been issued for many parts of NSW, including Sydney.

Severe storms are striking the Sydney region, mostly in the western suburbs, but areas in the east are now copping the worst of the weather too.

This was the incredible scene around 3:30 pm this afternoon out at Blacktown Oval in western Sydney, where the Melbourne Stars were taking on the local team, the very well-named Sydney Thunder.

The incoming storms have stopped play at the SCG in the fourth Test between Australia and India due to bad light. Rain appears imminent.

Meanwhile, the Bureau of Meteorology announced that wind gusts up to 100 km/h have been experienced in parts of the greater Sydney region during today's storms.

The weather radar at 5:25 pm suggests that the storms will be around for some time yet.


OK, you can talk to your friends in Sydney again. The worst of the extreme heat is on its way out.

Thank god for southerlies.

That's pretty much the thinking of everyone on Sydney's coastal fringe after a rapid early afternoon weather change eased scorching temperatures.

At Sydney Airport, temperatures reached 40 degrees around midday before plummeting to 24 minutes in less than an hour. You can see the live data here.

As you can see in the Bureau of Meteorology's MetEye below, the cool change has not yet penetrated inland. It's still as hot as 42 degrees in Penrith in Sydney's outer western suburbs.

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But by the end of the day, Sydney's record-equalling spell (see story below) will be over across the city.


Australia's largest city is sweating it out this Saturday with temperatures nearing 40 across the entire Sydney basin.

The good news? It's going to end soon, as storms later this afternoon usher in a cool spell for quite a few days.

The bad news? There are several hours of sweltering, humid hell to get through first.

As the Bureau of Meteorology's MetEye image clearly shows (below), just after 11 am it was already into the high thirties across the entire Sydney region, topping out at 39 at the airport.

Today's heat comes on the end of a record-equalling hot spell, in which the city has reached 28 degrees or higher for nine straight days.

That hasn't happened since February 1949.

That wouldn't be big news in a city like Adelaide or Perth, but Sydney tends to have a more moderate summer climate, with a hot day or two punctuated by frequent cooling southerlies.

But lately, the heat has been unrelenting-- continuing a trend in which the warming climate is contributing to more and more heat records.

Meanwhile, locals are of course whingeing, which let's be honest, Sydney folk do better than pretty much anyone.

The answer?

Go to the library. No, really. Libraries are cool in every sense of the word.

We'll update this story as Sydney heats up, then cools down with some showers which locals hope will not be as severe as some of the recent storms.