Lost Paradise Festival Death: Police Reveal How The Drugs Are Getting In  

Roast chickens and secret compartments in Vegemite jars, these are some of the shocking lengths party-goers are taking to sneak drugs into Lost Paradise.

As the public reels after the news of the death of a young man at the Lost Paradise Festival in Gosford on Saturday, the region’s police commander has revealed the shocking ways festival-goers are sneaking drugs into the festival.

The death of a 22-year-old and hospitalisation of four young people who took an unknown substance has raised questions about exactly how party-goers are getting drugs into festivals.

Brisbane Water Police District Commander acting superintendent Rod Peet said that attendees have been caught out using a “variety” of methods to stash illicit drugs into festivals.

"The methods of secretion are becoming sophisticated. People aren't carrying them in their pockets, they aren't that careless, they are calculated," he said on Sunday.

In one instance, a party-goer was even caught-out stashing drugs into the stuffing of a roast chicken, the commander said.

Attendees have also been caught using Vegemite jars with false compartments and aerosol cans that have “artificial secretion areas in them.”

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Peet said Police were taking necessary precautions and are exhaustive in their drug search methods.

"I believe we've been quite effective but the determination by some people entering the event and the sophistication in secretion has been quite significant and unfortunately some of those drugs have got through," he said.

While the festival will continue until its planned finish date on the 1st January, Peet said the death could have "ramifications" for the event next year.

"It may adjust the way this event is conducted in the future. "

Peet also said that Police had a meeting with event organisers this morning to review safety procedures and the Police and medical response, but that at this stage the event would be continuing.