When Beaches Burn: The Hottest Coastal Towns In Australia

Ah, the coast. Soothing sea breezes. Respite from the worst of the summer heat.

But not everywhere on the coast is cool.

There are some Australian coastal towns which are just as hot as anywhere else in the country.

  • Onslow in north-west Western Australia is famously hot. It reached an absolutely blistering 49.1 degrees on Thursday -- which put it equal with the inland WA town of Marble Bar -- before it "cooled down" somewhat and topped out at 46 today.
  • We should also mention that Wyndham in WA's Kimberley region has few extremely hot days, but it does boast the hottest annual average maximum of any Australian town at 36 degrees. The town's tourism board also says its waters are "crocodile heaven". Eek!
  • Onslow in Western Australia.

But today, on Friday December 28, no town in the country -- coastal or inland -- was hotter than Port Augusta in South Australia.

This large town of 14,000 people sits at the top of Spencer Gulf, and effectively has a dry desert climate despite technically being on the sea.

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Earlier this afternoon, it reached an absolutely roasting 47.2 degrees in Port Augusta, which was equal to the town's hottest ever December day.

The Bureau of Meteorology's live MetEye graphic clearly illustrates how Port Augusta was the hottest place in the whole country this afternoon.

Needless to say, Spencer Gulf is too narrow at its northernmost reaches for Port Augusta to get any serious sea breezes, hence the desert heat which is not moderated by oceanic influences.

Regrettably, for those stuck in Port Augusta today, the town doesn't have much in the way of beaches -- although there are a couple of sandy swimming spots which you can see just south of the bridge in the image higher up in this story.

The town does, however, have a very lovely pool. It's just a shame the pool closes at 7 pm, as it was still 44 degrees approaching closing time, at 6:30 pm local time.

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