The Aerotropolis Project's Massive Addition

The sprawling Aerotropolis project -- to be completed by 2026 -- will feature a massive aerospace sector.

Half a century after it was marked as the site of a new airport in the late 1960s, construction has finally begun at Badgerys Creek.

Over $20 billion is being invested by federal, state and local governments into Western Sydney's upcoming airport precinct, known as the 'Aerotropolis' and it's surrounding suburbs.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said she would secure 10 major partnerships for the Aerotropolis and has revealed a 'Space Industry Hub' is the final one.

“The majority of Australia’s space industry is already based in NSW, but through this [agreement] we will work to grow the industry further,” Berejiklian said in a statement.

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Prior to the Space Industry Hub announcement, nine other agreements were made with industry leaders for the airport city.

These hubs are across aerospace and defence, manufacturing, healthcare, freight and logistics, agribusiness, education and research industries.

Partners include international business giants like Northrop Grumman, Hitachi, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group.

The Space Industry Hub is being developed by 18 NSW space companies, the CSIRO and research and education institutions, and will initially be placed elsewhere in Sydney for later relocation to the Aerotropolis.

CSIRO's Operations Manager for Astronomy and Space Science, Warren Bax, told 10 daily the agency is "working with the government to build the space industry in NSW".

"We'll be providing advice based on our 75-year history in the space industry."

Map of the projected Western Sydney Aerotropolis. Image: NSW Government.

Minister for Western Sydney, Stuart Ayres, said the Aerotropolis will feature high-skill jobs, education and major industries for residents and visitors.

“We are attracting crucial investments to ensure the Aerotropolis provides the best jobs and opportunities and improves quality of life for businesses, families and communities right across Western Sydney.”

The Western Sydney Aerotropolis is on track to create 200,000 jobs and up to 60,000 new homes across a 10,000 hectare site.

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull boasted the Aerotropolis would transform western Sydney into “one of the best places to live and work in Australia" at an investor forum earlier this year.

The four towers of the World Trade Centre Sydney. Image: The Aerotropolis Group.

The project will feature a World Trade Centre (WTC), seen as an ecosystem for international trade and a catalyst for employment growth.

The WTC has been assessed by PricewaterhouseCoopers to inject $13 billion into the economy yearly and create over 43,000 jobs by 2040.

There will also be a health and education precinct, with famed neurosurgeon professor Charlie Teo overseeing medical services.

An area called The Northern Gateway will have over 400,000 square metres of open space and green zones and provide a variety of housing options.

Featured image: The Aerotropolis Group