Brekky Wrap: Man Allegedly Tried To Smuggle 50 Kilos Of Cannabis To Brisbane

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A series of fast-moving storms battered Sydney on Thursday evening and huge hockey-ball-sized hailstones came with it. Flights at Sydney airport were delayed and the NSW SES received more than 1400 calls for help during the period. The Central Coast, Lithgow in the Blue Mountains and Narrabri in the north-west of the state were also affected.

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A man from Queensland has been charged with a serious drug trafficking offence after being allegedly found with 50 kilograms of cannabis in his luggage at Adelaide airport. The 32-year-old man was about to board a flight to Brisbane when he was stopped. He's been refused bail and will appear in court in Adelaide on Friday.

Thousands of people have been stranded at London's Gatwick airport after two drones appeared over the airfield. All flights have been cancelled as authorities search for the operators of the two large drones that appear each time operators attempt to re-open the airport.

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Thousands of people are stranded in the airport. Image: Reuters.

Authorities in Morocco are investigating four people after the deaths of two Scandinavian backpackers in Morocco. Both women were found dead by other hikers in mountains in the north African nation. Three further suspects are still on the run from police.

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Even allies to US President Donald Trump have criticised his surprise move to order full and fast withdraw of US troops from Syria. On Thursday, Trump tweeted that ISIS had been defeated in Syria and so the US would withdraw. The decision has been slammed even by some Republican senators, with Marco Rubio calling it a "terrible mistake".

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Trump's decision has gained plenty of backlash. Image: AAP.

NRL player Robbie Farah has said he will walk away from his club Wests Tigers before any of his teammates are forced out in the wake of a massive salary cap breach. The Tigers were fined $750,000 on Wednesday for failing to disclose that Farah was offered a post-career role at the club worth $639,000.

Royal sources have revealed that the Queen offered Meghan Markle help for dealing with her feud with father Thomas. But it's believed Meghan refused the help of the Queen, saying she would much rather deal with the situation herself.

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Meghan refused help from the Queen. Image: Getty Images.

A young Yemeni mother has arrived in California to be with her dying son after fighting to be let into the US. She had to apply for special consideration to gain entry to America as Trump's travel ban stops Yemen nationals from entering the nation.

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US Bans Yemen Mother From Visiting Dying Baby Son

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