Brekky Wrap: Banksy Strikes Again With New Artwork

All the news you need to know this Thursday.

US President Donald Trump has announced via Twitter that ISIS has been defeated in Syria and that he will begin the withdrawal of troops from the war-torn nation. The decision has been met with backlash from all over the world, with a British defence minister said he strongly disagreed with Trump that Islamic State had been defeated in Syria.

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The European Commission has unveiled its no-deal Brexit legislation, just 100 days before the United Kingdom is set to leave the bloc of nations. Meanwhile, the UK government has handed down its plan for EU workers in the UK over the next five years and opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn is being accused of calling Theresa May a "stupid woman" in parliament.

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A piece of graffiti that appeared on a wall in Port Talbot, Wales has been confirmed a genuine work by world-famous artist Banksy. The work by the anonymous artist was discovered on Tuesday evening and shows a child with what appears to be snow falling on him. The other side of the wall reveals it is actually snowing ash. Banksy confirmed the artwork was his creation by posting on his Instagram page, writing 'Seasons Greetings'.

An Australian man has been sentenced for five years prison in the United Arab Emirates for after being found guilty of spying. Naim Aziz Abbas, 65, was detained in Dubai in October 2017 and was convicted of passing on state secrets to Qatar. The former Aussie train driver was handed the sentence along with a $2,000 fine.

The Federal Nationals are increasingly worried about losing the seat of Mallee at the next federal election, following the sudden demise of current MP Andrew Broad after a sex scandal. Without an obvious replacement, the once safe Nationals seat is looking increasingly uncertain. Nationals deputy leader Bridget McKenzie has emerged as one possible candidate for the seat.

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Andrew Broad will quit parliament. Image: AAP

Facebook provided companies including Microsoft, Netflix and Spotify access to user data, including their private messages according to the New York Times. Facebook has also given access to user data to about 150 companies including banks, tech companies, retailers and media organisations.

Sandra Bullock has suggested random actors from the Oscars selected from the crowd should host the awards ceremony. Bullock said "don't even have to tell them it's happening, just put up the teleprompter, and go, ‘it's your turn. “You're an actor, figure it out.”

Wednesday night's Big Bash match between Brisbane Heat and Adelaide Strikers became a drawn-out and delayed game with long replays and a shocking umpiring decision. In fact, the decision was so bad all the players banded together to dispute the call that James Pattinson was out.

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The moment in question. Image: Fox Sports

Korean Air has been ordered to pay a flight attendant who was subject to abuse over $25,000. Park Chang-jin was forced to apologise on his knees after he served nuts to the daughter of the airline's chairman in a bag rather than in a bowl or on a plate in 2014. He was removed from the plane and demoted to a lower-ranked flight attendant, but Park sued Korean Air for "physical and psychological suffering". On Wednesday he was awarded compensation for his treatment on the flight and the chairman's daughter served five months in prison for abuse of power in 2015.

Korean Air had to pay the flight attendant over $25,000 in compensation.  Image: Getty Images

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