Brekky Wrap: Flight Turned Around Mid-Air After On-Board 'Threat'

All the news you need to know this Tuesday.

Two men have drowned and a third is missing after getting into trouble at a beach near Coffs Harbour on the NSW North Coast. A group of six were swimming at Moonee Beach just after 6pm on Monday evening when they began to struggle in the surf. Three teenagers were pulled to safety, but two men couldn’t be revived. A search resumed Tuesday morning for the sixth person.

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Two people have drowned and another is missing. Image: Getty Images.

Chris Dawson, 70, could be released from prison as early as Tuesday after being granted bail, following charges of murder over the disappearance of his wife, Lynette Dawson. His brother Paul Dawson has mortgaged his house to help pay a $1.5 million surety.

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Chris Dawson has been charged with the alleged murder of his late wife Lynette. Image: AAP

A Tigerair flight from Sydney to Melbourne was turned around on Monday evening, after a possible in-flight safety threat. When the plane returned to Sydney at around 8.30pm, the aircraft was met by Australia Federal Police officers, as per standard procedure. Passengers were instructed to stay seated and switch off their phones. Passengers on the flight will travel to Melbourne on Tuesday after they were unable to leave Sydney due to the airport curfew.

The flight needed to return to Sydney. Image: Getty Images/Flight Path.

The Coalition plans to shave almost half a trillion dollars from government spending over the next decade if re-elected. The Australian reports that the government will promise to deliver a total of $413.5 billion in savings, including $80 billion from the foreign aide budget and $100 billion from welfare.

British Prime Minister Theresa May has vowed to hold a parliamentary vote on her Brexit deal next month. The five-day debate was cancelled last week after May admitted she would lose.

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May sets Bexit deal vote date. Image: Getty Images.

Australia is on track to win its first test since March. India was reduced to five wickets for 112 runs at stumps on day four in Perth. The visitors need 175 runs on Tuesday to win.

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Australia are in track to win the second test. Image: Getty Images.

Meghan Markle's estranged father claims he has been trying to contact her every day, but the Duchess won't respond to his messages. Speaking to Good Morning Britain, Markle said: "I love you very much, you're my daughter and I would really like to hear from you." In his first television appearance since Meghan announced her pregnancy in October,  Markle said he had been "ghosted" by his daughter but didn't understand why.

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Meghan's father is desperate for contact from his daughter. Image: Getty Images.

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