Watch: Huge Tree Just Misses Car In Severe Sydney Storm

Sydney has been lashed by wild storms for the second day, and one man is extremely lucky he's still got a car.

As violent storms struck on Saturday afternoon, Sydney man Yaz Hammuri waited out the storm at his mate Tinto's house in the south-western suburb of Eagle Vale.

"I said, 'let's pull out a chair and watch it' and within five seconds, a huge tree fell," Hammuri told 10 daily.

"I was sure my car was gone.

"I've never seen wind that strong. It looked like a cyclone, it was absolute chaos."

The storm lasted about 15 minutes. Afterwards, Hammuri went out to inspect what he assumed would be the crushed bonnet of his beloved Toyota Camry.

Imagine his surprise when he discovered the tree had missed. Somehow, the giant eucalypt dodged the car by centimetres.

"I was just like 'wow'," Hammuri said.

Saturday's storms have come in three waves. The first was in the early afternoon. The strongest was the second wave around 5pm, which was most severe in Sydney's northern and western suburbs.

Large hailstones and official wind gusts of over 70 km/h were recorded, although numerous eyewitness reports and videos suggested cyclonic strength winds of over 90 km/h.

Rain was heavy but not prolonged, with as much as 30mm of rain drenching some parts of the city within minutes. (You can see the observations for the Sydney metropolitan area here.)

Minor hail damage was also reported in some areas.

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The third wave of storms struck the city just before 8pm and appears to be the last for the day, if the radar and official forecasts are any guide.

Meanwhile, Endeavour Energy is working to restore power to around 54,000 homes and businesses in Sydney's north west.

"As the storm has brought down trees across the region, residents are reminded to stay well clear of fallen powerlines," a spokesman said in a statement.

Ausgrid is also reporting blackouts through the Central Coast and Hunter Valley.

There is no clear timeline for when the power will be restored.

Parts of Sydney's train network have ground to a halt again with a power outage and debris on the track stopping trains between Parramatta and Granville.

The Northern Line is also experiencing power failures which have stopped lifts and Opal card systems.

Some trains were replaced by buses in peak hour on Friday afternoon during torrential rain and, on Thursday, similar storms caused flash flooding in parts of the city.

The start of the Sydney derby in the A-League has also been delayed.

The NSW SES number is 132 500 for those affected by the storms.