Man Who Allegedly Stabbed His Wife, Doused Her In Boiling Liquid Accidentally Released From Jail

A Sydney man who allegedly stabbed his wife in the stomach and doused her in boiling liquid was accidentally released from jail for three days before authorities noticed.

The 51-year-old was arrested in February for violently attacking his wife by stabbing her with a kitchen knife and burning her with hot soup at their western Sydney home.

He was charged and put before a court, where he was denied bail. He is yet to face trial.

But last month, he was accidentally released from custody due to a bureaucratic blunder.

An associate of the victim then spotted the man on the street and alerted her to his release.

10 News First sat down with the 46-year-old victim, who does not speak English, and her daughter who spoke of their fear and anger.

They have asked not to be identified for their own safety.

“It was very horrible days. My mum, she was very upset and disappointed for that and I was very scared for her,” she said.

10 News First sat down with the 46-year-old victim, who does not speak English, and her daughter who spoke of their fear and anger. (Image: 10 News First)

The family called authorities to report his release, who initially assured them he was behind bars, before later discovering the mistake.

“He said ‘I’m very sorry, we apologise for that, there is a huge mistake’,” the victim’s daughter said.

“Suddenly we felt insecure. Even in the streets, we feel like we’re going to go into the street and see him and what’s going to happen?

“When he stabbed her, he said 'you are not a good person, you destroyed my life' and with all that, we think he’s going to come back and kill her.”

It wasn’t until three days after his release, when the man was admitted to Liverpool hospital, that he was finally re-arrested.

NSW Justice has since released a statement, after being contacted by 10 News First, saying they are investigating how the mistake happened “so it doesn’t happen again”.

Attorney General Mark Speakman also sent a statement, saying he was awaiting the results of the investigation.

NSW Attorney-General Mark Speakman (Image: AAP)

“I understand the distress of those affected by this serious oversight and share their concerns,” the statement said.

The victim and her family said that is all they wanted.

“We had very bad days, very bad moments and we were very scared and we hope this does not happen again with any family,” she said.

The mistake came less than two weeks after police failed to arrest parolee Anthony Sampieri before he allegedly raped a seven-year-old girl in a public toilet in Kogarah.

NSW Police admitted officers failed to act on reports Sampieri had breached his parole by making lewd phone calls, leaving him free.

State Opposition Leader Michael Daly today slammed the government for its failure to fix a “broken system”.

“These are the sorts of mistakes you make when you cut budgets,” he said.

“People run these systems and there’s big problems with the justice system in NSW because the liberals have slashed it to pieces.”