'Zombie Storm', Massive Rainfall Set To Hit Australia

Australia is set to be smashed by 'the biggest weather event of the year', part of a so-called 'zombie storm' to hit the southern parts of the country.

A deep low-pressure system is expected to bring storms and heavy rain to Victoria, NSW and South Australia.

Melbourne will cop the brunt of it, with super-cell storms forecast to bring destructive winds, large hail and flash flooding on Thursday.

Thursday's rainfall forecast, from the BOM

Up to 50mm will bucket down over coastal and inland parts of NSW, with a huge system of heavy rain to settle along the entire east coast.

The entirety of Victoria, and almost the whole area of NSW and QLD, will be covered by this front on Thursday, according to the Bureau of Meteorology's forecasts.

The soggy weather is most likely going to dampen your weekend plans too, as it continues to linger over the east coast until at least Sunday.

So make sure you pack a brolly for the rest of the week.

Cyclone Owen is back from the dead and is set to unleash the biggest weather event Eastern Australia has seen since March.

The tropical cyclone formed in the Coral Sea last month and dumped more than 300mm of rain on northern Queensland.

Now it's back, and is expected to do more damage.

The Bureau of Meteorology expects the storm to intensify over the warm waters in the Gulf Of Carpentaria on Wednesday night, strengthening to a category three system before it crosses the Queensland coastline near Karumba on Friday.

Parts of the Northern Territory could get hit with up to 300mm of rain.

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The system is forecast to then push south, dumping heavy rain along the entire coastline.

Townsville is expected to cop 150mm within a day and Brisbane will get 100mm, while gale force winds could wreak havoc.