Christmas Tree Farm's Brown Snake Problem

Forget the Grinch, the deadly brown snake is out to kill the Christmas cheer.

Choosing the perfect Christmas tree is never an easy task, especially when it's a real Christmas tree.

Families spend hours roaming farms to find the tree that's perfect in height, shape and bushiness. Finally when said tree is chosen, they've got the hard task of actually getting it home and into the house.

If that's not complicated enough, families in NSW have another hurdle this year, the deadly brown snake.

A family-run Christmas tree farm at Wolumla, just south of Bega, has seen a spike in the number of the killer reptiles slithering through their property.

IMAGE: Getty

Deb Court, who manages Xmas Tree Bob has told the ABC she's wearing gumboots instead of thongs this season and admitted the inundation had hindered the whole experience for many Christmas lovers.

"It has affected the families and kids roaming on the property wanting to tag a tree," Ms Court said.

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She's told the ABC she'd been unable to maintain the trees as usual this year, forcing her to sell bushier 'organic versions' instead.

IMAGE: Facebook/xmastreebob

In a bid to stop families from wandering around, Ms Court now greets the potential buyers at the front gate and leaves pre-cut trees at the entrance.

It's not the first time snakes have caused a fright over the festive season.

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In 2016, A Melbourne woman made headlines world wide after she found a tiger snake entwined among the tinsel on her Christmas tree.

The woman took a snap, locked the door and called in a professional snake catcher.