Brekky Wrap: Real Life 'Planet Of The Apes' Has More Monkeys Than Ever

All the news you need to know this Wednesday.

More than 60 chimps now viciously protect a remote island off the coast of African nation Liberia. In what can only be described as the real life 'Planet Of The Apes' only the most daring locals approach the so-called 'Monkey Island' to take the animals some food. The chimps are known to aggressively defend their territory, who have been known to throw mangoes at people that come too close to their shores.

More than 60 chimps defend 'Monkey Island'. Image: Getty Images.

A man has been charged following an alleged bomb hoax at Sydney Airport. Police were called to the airport after staff received a threatening phone call, but they searched the building and nothing was found. Police later found a 36-year-old man at Darling Point near Sydney's Harbour where he was arrested. The man will face court on Wednesday.

The government is determined to push its proposed encryption laws through Parliament by the end of the week. The Coalition and Labor have agreed to some measures that would force tech companies to hand over data to intelligence agencies to assist in their investigations of potential terrorists and other criminals.

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Meanwhile, the Senate will debate and vote on legislation to protect gay students from discrimination in religious schools. Labor is pushing for the bill to pass by the end of the week but the Coalition argues the legislation needs to be refined.

The government wants to pass their encryption laws. Image: Getty Images.

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Nick Jonas an Priyanka Chopra have shared their first official weeding photos with the world. After days of pre-wedding celebrations, the pair was married in both traditional Hindu and western-style ceremonies.

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Former US first lady Michelle Obama has revealed that she didn't think Barack would be elected to the office of president. She said the only reason she supported him was because she believed after the campaign they could go back to living their "normal lives".

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Michelle didn't think Barack would become president. Image: Getty Images.

Former US Senator Bob Dole has stood to salute George H.W. Bust at his casket. The 95-year-old was helped to a standing position from his wheelchair where he paid his to the follow World War Two veteran.

Bob Dole Pays Respect To President George H.W. Bush

Australian researchers have developed a test that can detect cancer in any tissue type, including blood. While the research is still in its early stages, it has been labelled a ‘game changer’ for cancer diagnosis.

A test has been developed to detect cancer. Image: Getty Images.

The first cricket test against India gets underway in Adelaide on Thursday. Victorian opening batsman Marcus Harris appears certain to be receiving his Baggy Green.

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Australian Captain Tim Paine. Image: Getty Images.

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