Bee Gone! Monster Hive Discovered In Aussie Home

It's time to buy a new home, honey

This beast was found in a house in Nambour on the Sunshine Coast and took 12 hours to remove.

The gargantuan hive had been in place inside the house for almost three years according to the occupants, who had been told the hive would move away eventually.

We're struggling to BEElieve the size of it. (Image Vimeo/Hinterland Bees)

Scott Whitaker from Hinterland bees who removed the insects from the property said at roughly three metres long and half a metre wide, he's not sure he's seen a bigger hive.

"I've seen a couple of hives pretty close, but I think this is probably the biggest hive I've worked on," he told 10 daily.

Whitaker managed to save over 50 kilos of honey from the hive, enough to fill around 100 pots on shop shelves.

It's a brave man to do this, without gloves! (Image Vimeo/Hinterland Bees)

Despite its massive size Whitaker says the hive could have become even larger.

He did say, however that despite the sheer size of the insect population, there wasn't a serious danger to the occupants despite the occasional sting.

“They mostly keep to themselves, but the occupants had received a few stings over the last couple of years, bees would be finding their way into the house,” he said.

A couple of the not so creepy crawlies to be saved. (Image Vimeo/Hinterland Bees)

Whitaker carefully removed the bees from the house with a vacuum cleaner before delicately removing the hive itself with a kitchen knife, cutting it away from the ceiling.

From there, any bees who could be saved were taken to one of the controlled hives kept by Hinterland Bees.