Sydney's New 80km Walk Could Rival Cinque Terre

This new multi-day walk is expected to rival some of the world's great trails.

When you think of the World's greatest hikes, the Inca Trail, Cinque Terre and the Everest Base-Camp all come to mind. But soon the Bondi to Manly coastal walk could join that list.

A new 80-kilometre walk in Sydney is in the works and we're promised it will become a major tourist attraction.

IMAGE: Getty

The trail will pass Taronga Zoo, Bradleys Head, Clifton Gardens, Middle Head, and Aboriginal rock engravings at Clontarf before heading to North Head and ending in Manly.

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It means walkers will get to visit Sydney's best beaches (arguably) Bondi and Manly, walk across the Harbour Bridge and see a whole heap of other hidden gems.

In a rare and surprising move, six local mayors and state and federal government agencies have agreed to link existing coastal and harbour-side walking tracks to create the lengthy trail.

About 60 kilometres of the trail is on public land, the rest will make use of footpaths.


It's not known when this new world-class walk will open.

And as for the name? Well that's not set in stone either.

It could be the Bondi to Manly track, the Manly to Bondi track or even Walkey McWalkFace if the public gets a say.

So stay tuned.