Strong Winds Cause Ferry Much Commuter Chaos In Sydney

Ferry services between Manly and the city have been cancelled in both directions as strong winds continue to batter the state.

Buses are being temporarily drafted in to try and replace the ferries but there are only a limited number, Transport New South Wales said on Friday.

It's not the only mass transit service that's suffered in the hectic weather.

Sydney airport has been thrown into chaos due to the high winds. (Image AAP)

Sydney airport is currently operating at a single runway capacity as winds continue to affect flights after a dust storm threatened the city on Thursday.

Qantas were just one of the airlines to be affected by today's wild weather. (Image Twitter/@Qantas)

Winds blasting the airport have been recorded at up to 80 kilometres per hour.

This has led to massive delays to flights as well as a number of cancellations, causing chaos among passengers.

Some Customers have vented their frustrations on social media (Image Twitter/@StewNicholls)
Dozens of flights have been cancelled or delayed, causing chaos across the country's airports (Image

Meanwhile, a limited train service has resumed between Hornsby and Gosford after a tree fell across the tracks.

(Feature Image AAP)