Baby Survives Fall Onto Tracks As Train Leaves Station

In what can only be described as a miracle, the one-year-old girl has managed to escape unharmed.

The 30-second video that has gone viral shows a baby girl lying on train tracks at a station in Mathura, northern India as a train passes over her.

As soon as the train is gone, men jump on to the tracks to retrieve her and she is quickly bundled up by what appears to be her family.

According to reports, the baby's parents were disembarking from the train when her mother -- who was holding her -- was shoved from behind. The little girl fell from her mum's arms and on to the tracks, but before they could get to her, the train started moving with the baby still down there.

This is the closest call we've ever seen.

The little girl was reportedly not injured in the ordeal.