Father Set To Lose Hands And Feet After Bacterial Infection

Jason "Buddy" Miller, 48, came home from the Philippines on October 27 complaining of a sore throat. A few days later he was fighting for his life.

It turned out he had contracted two different bacterial infections, streptococcus and the rare aerococcus, sending him into toxic, and then septic, shock.

Buddy was only given a 10 percent chance to live by doctors. (Image GoFundMe/Kate Munn)

His organs had started to fail shortly after he was placed into an induced coma shortly after arriving at Sydney's Northern Beaches Hospital for treatment.

A priest was called to read Miller his last rites after his family had been told his heart was going to give out.

However, against all expectations he refused to die.

"His determination to stay alive shocked the doctors and nurses who couldn't believe he was surviving." said his sister in law Kate Munn in a statement.

Miller's daughter Jhayda plays with a teddy bear brought by Miller's workmates. (Image Supplied)

Almost two weeks after the ordeal began, he woke up.

He was told his hands and feet had to be amputated because gangrene had set in, caused by a lack of blood being pumped to them.

Munn says there was no argument from Miller, only asking how much of his limbs would have to be removed.

"He took the news in his stride and one of the first things (he) declared to do was to become a paralympian."

Buddy with his daughter Jhayda (Image Facebook/Jason Miller)

A GoFundMePage set up to try and help Miller with the intense rehabilitation he will face has raised $20,000.

Buddy claimed he wanted to be a Paralympian after he was told about the amputations. (Image Facebook/Jason Miller)

Munn says the family have received support not only from Australia but also from as far afield as Brazil and Canada.