Brekky Wrap: One Year Since 'Yes' Vote And Morrison At ASEAN

All the news you need to know this Thursday.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has told Indonesian President Joko Widodo that his government will make a final decision about moving Australia's Israel Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem by Christmas. The possible embassy move has been a contentious issue between the two nations and a major reason by Widodo has been slow to sign a free trade agreement with Australia. Morrison also met with Chinese premier Li Keqiang, who spoke of the importance of mutual respect after Australia looked to become more influential in the region.

Thursday marks one year since Australia voted 'Yes' to legalising same-sex marriage. The ACT has had more same-sex marriages than any other state, with nine percent of all marriages in Canberra being same-sex couples. This is twice the national average rate.

It's One Year Since Australia Voted Yes!

The last day to opt-out of the federal government's My Health Record was supposed to be Thursday, however, the Senate voted to extend the period to January 31 2019. Initially, Labor wanted the period to be extended for a full 12 months, but this was voted down in favour of One Nation's proposed extension. Countless people were left frustrated on Wednesday as they attempted to opt-out of the health database, some waiting for over an hour on the phone or being unable to access the website.

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The death toll of the Californian wildfires has risen to at least 48. The disaster has already been ranked as the most deadly in the state's history and it continues to burn throughout the state, with emergency services desperately trying to extinguish it. More than 200 people are still missing and over 1300 people have been checked on to assess their well being. In wake of the fire, celebrities Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth returned to their destroyed Malibu home. The pair has since donated $US500,000 to the Woolsey fire relief efforts.

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At least 48 people have died in the fires. Image: Getty Images.

An Indonesian woman whose fiance died on board the ill-fated Lion Air flight has taken wedding photos on the day she was due to be married. Intan Syari and Rio Nanda Pratama were set to be married on November 11, but Pratama died on October 29 after JT610 crashed into the Java Sea. Syari said she wanted to fulfil their last wish as a couple, so she posed for photos in her wedding gown and ring. She said before her fiance left for the flight, he joked if he was wasn't home in time for the wedding, that she should take the photos and send them to him.

British Prime Minister Theresa May is working hard to gain ministerial support for her draft Brexit deal. If she gains support, the draft will then be voted on in parliament before it goes to Brussels. At the core of the 500-page document is the issue of the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The deal says after the UK leave the EU there will not be a hard border put in place between the two nations.

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Theresa May fights for her minister's support. Image. Getty Images.

The 'Pink Legacy' diamond has been auctioned for more than $US50 million -- that's $AUD69.3 million. The selling price for the nearly-19-carat diamond is a new record for the highest price paid per carat. The gem was sold as part of Christie's fall jewellery auction in Geneva and is said to be one of the most chemically pure stones in the world.

The Pink Legacy diamond. Image: Getty Images.

Guys, The Bachelorette finale is upon us! Wednesday night's episode saw Ali go on dates with the final three bachelors -- Taite, Hot Todd and Bill and honestly, they couldn't have been more different. Hot Todd dropped the L-bomb telling Ali he was in love with her, Taite struggled for words but did well, telling Ali he wants a relationship with her but doesn't love her just yet and Bill spent most of his date telling Ali he didn't date his friend Amy, but then saying he did. So, no guesses for who didn't get a rose -- you're right it was Bill. Catch up on last night's episode below and enjoy the finale on Thursday eve!

Who will Ali choose? Who cares, we love them both!

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The Bachelorette TL;DR - Ep. 11

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