The French Daredevil, A GoPro, And The $660 Illegal Sydney BASE Jump

A French student has released video of his death-defying BASE jump off a Sydney crane, which earned him a criminal conviction and $660 fine.

The GoPro footage was initially seized by police as evidence, after Jonathan Perherin leaped from the top of the crane on the old IMAX theatre site at Darling Harbour in the early hours of October 2.

It shows the 24-year-old carefully stepping from one rung of the crane to the next, with cars whizzing by hundreds of metres below on the Western Distributor.

Jonathan Perherin mid-flight as he BASE jumps from a crane over Darling Harbour on October 3. Image: Youtube

The video also captures his deep breathing and the sound of wind howling around him.

He then leaps off the crane, deploys his parachute and sails over Darling Harbour, skimming past the International Convention Centre before landing near Darling Drive.

Perherin posted the video to his YouTube account today.

Jonathan Perherin after his BASE jump over Darling Harbour in Sydney. Image: Youtube

He was detained by rangers and then arrested by police shortly after his jump, before being released on bail.

At the time, he told 10 News First he had no regrets, but would not be BASE jumping in Australia again.

"I know it's forbidden, but I don't regret, because I'm alive," he said.

"I didn't want to offend anybody."

"Here, I know the police is not good with that. In other countries we can do that. In some countries it is forbidden, like here. I didn't want to make trouble for anybody."

On October 17, Perherin was convicted of risking the safety of others by jumping from a building and fined $660.

Jonathan Perherin released the video on his Youtube channel today