Brekky Wrap: Morrison's Money For The Pacific And Trump's Midterm 'Success'

All the news you need to know this Thursday.

U.S. President Donald Trump has called the midterm elections a "tremendous success" despite his party losing the majority in the House of Representatives. The Republicans managed to extend their hold in the Senate, but in a swing against the president, the Democrats gained control of the lower house. While Trump tried to paint the results of the elections as a good result, the reality is, it's now going to be much harder for Trump to pass his political agenda through the house. Catch up on all the election results below.

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Boeing has issued a safety warning about the mechanical issue thought to have triggered the Lion Air plane crash that occurred in the Java Sea last week. The aircraft manufacturer has issued a warning about the flight-monitoring system, reminding pilots how to manage the issue should it arise. The Lion Air flight was carrying 189 people when it crashed at high-velocity into the ocean. Rescue teams continue their search for the cockpit recorder and no survivors are expected to be found.

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Boeing has issued a safety warning about its planes. Image: CanAmJetz

Prime Minister Scott Morrison will use a speech in Townsville on Thursday to unveil a $2 billion infrastructure plan to help fund projects in the Pacific region. The funds will be put towards a Pacific infrastructure bank and will be used to strengthen Pacific nations in a bid to respond to rising Chinese influence. The new finance facility will fund infrastructure like telecommunications, energy, transport and water.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison will announce funds for the Pacific region on Thursday. Image: AAP.

There have been renewed calls for permanent drum lines in the Whitsundays after three people were attacked by sharks in the area in as many months. Most recently, a 33-year-old man died after a shark attack in Cid Bay. The Queensland government is being urged to put drum lines in place in the area to protect swimmers and tourists, but they say they are going to consult animal and wildlife experts before they make a decision.

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Calls for drum lines to be introduced to prevent shark attacks. Image: Getty Images

Fighting around the key Yemeni port city Hodeidah has escalated, despite an earlier ceasefire call. Hodeidah is a vital entry point for aid, food and other supplies, and is currently largely controlled by the Houthi rebels. The lack of supplies have resulted in widespread and devastating famine across the nation. UNICEF estimates that 40 percent of Yemen's 400,000 children are suffering serve malnutrition.

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More than 40 percent of Yemen's children are badly malnourished. Image: AP

Vietnam's capital city Hanoi will host a Formula 1 race in April 2020. The move represents F1's commitment to expand further into the Asia region, being already well established in Singapore, Japan and China. It is expected the race will begin in the heart of the busy city, which is home more than 7.5 million people.

And then there were four... Ali sent the third and final Dan packing on Wednesday night's episode of The Bachelorette. With a German-themed group date and a love-themed single date, Ali appears to be growing ever closer to bank manager Taite and Charlie's arch-rival Bill. Thursday will take us to the home town visits, were Ali will meet the boys' families and even one of their ex-girlfriends. Catch up on last night's episode here.

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