New Mum Attacked While Taking Out The Bins

Police are still hunting a man who assaulted two women at random in Sydney’s Inner West last night.

One of the victims, who was attacked outside her Ashfield home while taking her bins out about 8pm on Monday, has told 10 News First the man grabbed her from behind and threw her to the ground.

“As soon as I chucked my gloves in the bin I felt this man come behind me , strangle my neck and put his hand around my mouth… while he was doing this, he was groaning,” she said.

“I was screaming, and I was throwing my arms around just doing all that I can do, and he stopped and threw me away on the ground… then ran away.

“I had my glasses on at the time, and they were everywhere, so I couldn’t really see his face or anything, all I can get is him running away really fast.”

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The young mother, who gave birth to her first child just six months ago, said she managed to fight him off.

“For a second I felt like no, I couldn’t die or something happen to me in my own backyard.”

The attack came just minutes after he is believed to have grabbed another 30-year-old women nearby, who was walking along Norton St.

She also managed to escape without serious injuries.

Police are still searching for the man, who is described as 190cm tall, with a thin build and long hair. He was wearing a long sleeve black shirt with white logos on the sleeves and beige shorts with white sneakers.