Man Whose Taped Rape Of Toddler Forced Judge To Leave Courtroom Sentenced To 19 Years

Queensland child rapist Jason Daron Mizner will spend at least the next 15 years behind bars for grooming and sexually abusing a two-year-old girl, as well as filming the assaults.

Mizner pleaded guilty to 65 child sex offences including more than 30 counts of rape and videotaping the assaults.

The 44-year-old committed the offences over a number of months.

While he was on a holiday in Thailand, the girl's mother found videos he had made and a range of other unrelated child exploitation material.

In handing down the sentence, District Court Judge Leanne Clare described Mizner’s offences as “a different kind of evil”

Mizner stayed in Thailand, where he formed a relationship with a local woman before assaulting her young daughter and being arrested by Thai authorities.

Mizner describing his crime to Thai authorities.

He served 11 years of a 35-year sentence and was deported when released on bail last year, with Australian authorities arresting him when he returned to Brisbane.

In sentencing Mizner on Friday, District Court Judge Leanne Clare said the time in the Thai jail could be taken into account, sentencing him to 19 years in an Australian prison -- for a total of 26 years in custody across the two countries.

"You are a predator," Judge Clare told Mizner as she sentenced him to jail on Friday.

"Those things took organisation, planning and patience, the abuse was depraved and callous."

The sentencing was delayed on Tuesday after the judge viewed some of the footage of the rapes, which she said were shocking and required her to put some time between viewing them and passing judgment so not to cloud the sentence.

"A different kind of evil".

On Friday, she said there was no evidence Mizner had remorse for what he had done.

"It was (the girl's mother) who found the recordings. That content would be excruciating for most people," she said

"I only watched a portion and it has been a battle to get the vision of your offending out of my head. I cannot imagine the horror of it for (the girl's) mother."

Mizner must serve at least 15 years of his 19-year sentence, making him eligible for parole in 2031.

For support, call the national sexual assault hotline on 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732) or Lifeline on 131114.