Fertility Clinic Offers 'Pay As You Go' Egg Freezing

A new player in the IVF market is set to offer women egg freezing for just $5 per day.

The addition of X.Y.Life clinics is planned to make fertility services more affordable for thousands of Australians.

It will offer a pay-as-you-go style finance plan instead of a lump sum payment, as part of a "new age" approach.

The company is targeting young, tech-savvy women aged between 22 and 37.

Launched by the Borderless Healthcare Group, it aims to change the way women view their fertility.

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"Women need to be educated about their fertility window," said IVF specialist Dr Haider Najjar.

"Too often I see women who are left getting pregnant too late because they didn't know about the decline of their egg reserves."

The average woman is born with between 300,000 and 400,000 eggs

But a woman's fertility peaks in her 20s, and by her mid-30s, the rate of decline in her egg health worsens

At the age of 40, a woman has a five per cent chance of falling pregnant. One in six couples suffer from infertility.

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Lara McDonald, aged 20, expects to be at university until she is 28 and says she is considering freezing her eggs.

“My brunch is probably more than $5," she said.

"I think having that and putting that into perspective that it’s just a $5 cost a day, makes it a lot more accessible."

“If I’m having problems having a child, I know that that option is always there for me.”

The founder of the Borderless Healthcare Group, Dr Wei Siang Yu, said X.Y.Life will also target the LGBTQ community

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"Social egg freezing is expected to become a global trend that will be popular for single women, young couples, and those in the LGBTQI community... with Australian laws allowing donor sperm to fertilise the eggs of single women," he said.

"We want to empower women to manage their reproductive assets proactively, before fertility becomes a problem."

Women can start to apply to the X.Y.Life program during the first half of next year.

The company is also expected to open its first Australian clinic in Melbourne in 2019.