Brekky Wrap: World Demands Answers On Khashoggi And China Opens Longest Bridge

All the news you need to know this Wednesday.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has said Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi was subject to a "savage" killing that was planned days in advance. The speech comes as body parts were reportedly found at the Saudi Consul General's home in Istanbul. Sky News reported the body parts could possibly belong to Khashoggi, but this is yet to be confirmed. The G7 foreign ministers have also condemned the killing of Khashoggi in a public statement, where they call for Saudi Arabia to provide a full explanation of how the journalist died in their consulate in Istanbul. The ministers also called for a "thorough, credible, transparent and prompt investigation".

President Erdogan called Khashoggi's killing "savage". Image: Getty Images

US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin are set to meet in Paris in November according to the Kremlin. The pair has reached a preliminary agreement to meet as part of celebrations marking 100 years since the end of the First World War. The meeting will come just weeks after Trump announced he would pull the US out of a Cold War-era deal on Intermediate-Range Nuclear Missiles. Putin expressed his shock at the seemingly sudden announcement by the US President and said he was interested in discussing the move with Trump to preserve the agreement.

Trump and Putin are set to meet in November. Image: Reuters

China has opened the world's largest sea-crossing bridge linking Hong Kong to the nation's mainland. The 55-kilometre-long bridge links Hong Kong and Macau and cost about $20 billion to build. The construction also experienced major delays due to cost overruns. The bridge includes an underwater tunnel that is connected by two purpose-built islands which allow ships to pass through the Pearl River Delta which is at the heart of China's manufacturing sector.

Oscar winner Geoffrey Rush wiped away tears in court on Tuesday as he described allegations he inappropriately touched a co-star. Rush denied acting inappropriately towards Eyrn-Jeans Norvill during a production of King Lear for the Sydney Theatre Company in 2015/16.  Rush said he's not a sexual predator and said he is glad to be telling his side of the story. Rush is suing the Daily Telegraph over several articles that accused him of sexual misconduct.

Actor Geoffrey Rush leaves the Federal Court on Tuesday. Image: Getty Images.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle continue their time in Fiji as part of their Pacific tour on Wednesday. The pair spent Tuesday in Fiji's capital, Suva, where they were received with an official ceremony, greeted members of the public and attended a state dinner. On Wednesday they will visit the Fiji War Memorial and meet a number of Fijian war veterans. They will also visit a university to view a cultural performance about the effects of climate change. Following this, their programs split and they each have separate engagements.

Cricket great Shane Warne has said the punishment handed to Steve Smith and David Warner for their role in the ball-tampering scandal in March was too harsh. Speaking to the ABC's 7.30 on Tuesday, Warne said the incident was embarrassing for Cricket Australia and the trio needed to earn-back public respect, but he thought they were treated unfairly. “I don’t think the punishment fit the crime. Twelve-month ban for that. It equates to a $10 million fine. I thought they were very hard done by," Warne said. The former spin-bowler also said Australian Cricket is struggling as there aren't enough "first-class cricketers" going into the sport.

Shane Warne weighs in on the ball-tampering scandal. Image: Getty Images

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