Please Enjoy This Week's Cutest Animal Videos On Repeat

What better way to slide into the weekend than with our pawsome round-up the best and cutest animal clips.

Rare White Bengal Tigers
Image: AP

These adorable white Bengal tiger cubs have just arrived at their new home in Taigan Safari Park in Crimea, weighing just three kilograms each.

The two boys and one girl will join a dozen other white tigers who reside at the zoo.

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There are only an estimated 130 white tigers in the wild, so these little kitties will play a special part in making sure we have these creatures for future generations.

Mischievous monkeys
Image: AP

Swiss golfer Melanie Maetzler was stopped during the second round of the Indian Open and held ransom for her lunch.

A family of monkeys surrounded her on the green, before a caddy managed to distract the group with a sandwich so the golfers could make their getaway.

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There is no doubt the world number 859 was distracted by the stealth operation but it's one round of golf she will never forget.

Too Cute Twins
Image: Symbio Wildlife Park

The arrival of one adorable Golden Lion Tamarin is worth celebrating but when twins were born at Symbio Wildlife Park, the keepers had to capture all the hijinks of the cheeky duo.

The troublesome pair weighed just 70 grams each at birth and are yet to venture too far from the security of their mum and dad.

Parents Jari and Auerlio couldn't be prouder. Pictured here, the group of endangered Brazilian natives are such a close-knit family that you can barely tell where one ends and the next begins!