Brekky Wrap: 11 Kids Off Nauru And The Royals Fly To Fiji

All the news you need to know this Tuesday.

The Australian Border Force has confirmed 11 children were transported to Australia from the Nauru detention centre for medical attention. The children join more that 600 others who are in Australia as temporary transfers. There are 52 children still on the pacific Island and 107 families. Nauru has multiple medical facilities, but lacks the resources to properly treat children.

George was born on Nauru. Photo: World Vision Australia.

The Liberal party's defeat in the Sydney seat of Wentworth is drawing closer, with independent candidate Kerryn Phelps now more than 1600 votes ahead. Liberal candidate Dave Sharma said on Monday he believes part of the reason he wasn't more successful in the blue ribbon seat was the way in which former Wentworth member Malcolm Turnbull was ousted from his prime ministership. Kerryn Phelps could hold the power to challenge the government on refugee policy and could even support Labor if they introduce a second no confidence motion into parliament against Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton.

Kerryn Phelps is yet to be confirmed the member for Wentworth. Image: ABC

A murder investigation is underway after the body of a 24-year-old woman was found on Wangetti Beach, north of Cairns. The body, found on Monday, has been identified as that of Toyah Cordingley -- a pharmacy worker who went missing on Sunday. Cordingly's car was found at the beach and police are treating her death as suspicious. The murder investigation is ongoing and police have no suspects at this stage.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are set to fly to Fiji on Tuesday. The royal pair concluded the Australian leg of their tour with a visit to Queensland's Fraser Island. Prince Harry spent the day touring the Island, meeting locals and learning about a new conservation program while the pregnant Meghan took a few hours to rest. She then joined her husband at the Kingfisher Bay Jetty where they met locals.

Harry toured Fraser Island solo. Image: Getty Images.

New surveillance footage from the hours after journalist Jamal Khashoggi was killed appear to show a man walking around in his clothing. CNN aired the vision on Monday, saying the man was a body double and member of the 15-man team sent to Turkey to kill the writer. CNN said the man left the Saudi consulate in Istanbul with another man, got a taxi to Istanbul's Sultan Ahmed Mosque where he went into a public bathroom, changed out of Khashoggi's clothing and left.

Russia has further condemned Donald Trump's plans to pull out of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Missiles Treaty, saying the move will make the world a more dangerous place. Russia said the US leaving the treaty would allow them to build their supply on nuclear weapons and therefore, Russia would have no choice but to build their stockpile to balance it out, which could lead to a Cold War-style arms race.

Des Hasler is returning to NRL club Manly as head coach in 2019. Hasler played for the club between 1984-1993 and then coached them between 2004 -2011. After a disaster year under Trent Barrett, Manly was looking for a new leader to revitalise the team and so they stuck to what worked well for them in the past and signed Halser for three years. Current head coach Trent Barrett still has one year on is contract with Manly and while it's not clear what his role will be in 2019, it is clear Hasler will be taking over as head coach.

The reboot of the 1978 classic Halloween starring Jamie Lee Curtis has made the biggest debut ever for a horror film with a female lead over 55. The film raked in $108 million over its opening weekend. Halloween now ranks as the second-highest debut for an October release, with Venom being the number one release for the month.

Jamie Lee Curtis' new film just broke a record. Image: Getty Images.

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