Severe Storms Strike Sydney Moments Before Invictus Games Ceremony

The sky is not falling, but it kind of feels like it is.

Massive storms are sweeping across Sydney ahead of the Invictus Games Opening Ceremony at the Sydney Opera House forecourt.

Source: Bureau of Meteorology radar

Which means people are going to get wet.

Very wet indeed.

Drenched, in fact, as 12 mm of rain fell within minutes.


Saturated and miserable like a cat that fell into the bath.

You know that day there was a poodle going for a swim at the beach and it looked even more pathetic than poodles normally do? Well that's basically the whole of Sydney now.

We make no apologies for the previous comment about poodles and neither does this cat.

Oh wait, we just remembered that the author's mother-in-law likes poodles and quite possibly some of you do too. We would like to unreservedly apologise to poodle-lovers everywhere.

Sort of.

We'll do our best to update you on any serious flooding and/or road closures in Sydney.

Meanwhile, the first wave of storms is passing through quite quickly, and while a second wave approaching from the west looks likely to hit the city, it appears less intense.

The Bureau of Meteorology's official warning for this weather event is here. It will be updated by 8:40 pm.

Source: Bureau of Meteorology radar.

The weather may clear in time for the 7:30 pm start time of the official Invictus Games 2018 Opening Ceremony.