Driver Accused of Killing Pregnant Woman And Unborn Twins Denied Bail

An alleged drunk driver who was involved in a crash that killed a pregnant woman, her unborn children has been denied bail in court.

Richard Moananu is being charged with two counts of manslaughter over the horror car crash that killed expectant mum Katherine Hoang, 23, and her sister-in-law Anh Hoang, 17.

The 27-year-old was denied bail on Friday after a courtroom heard claims he was four times over the legal alcohol limit when the fatal collision occurred in Orchard Hills, Sydney.

The accused was also alleged to have cannabis in his system and was driving without a license.

A Penrith court heard how over six hours of footage from a local hotel showed the accused drinking heavily that day before getting behind the wheel.

The Director of Public Prosecutions requested for CCTV footage of the crash from nearby Penrith Golf Club to be played in full for the courtroom.

Image: Katherine Hoang, Facebook.

In addition to his original 10 charges -- including two counts of manslaughter, two counts of aggravated dangerous driving occasioning death and two counts negligent driving occasioning death -- Moananu was also charged with high-range drink driving and driving under the influence of cannabis.

The body of one of the unborn twin boys has been taken to Melbourne for an autopsy to determine if he drew breath.

If he did, there will be another charge of manslaughter added.

The court heard Katherine’s husband Bronco Hoang, 25, survived the crash but has a "brain injury [where] the psychological harm is not known but likely to [be] catastrophic."

According to court proceedings, there are at least 20 further statements still to come from witnesses of the horrific crash.

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