Woman Kills Herself And Children After Husband Fakes Death

A man has turned himself into police in China after he allegedly faked his own death for an insurance pay out.

In early September, the 34-year-old man took out a $200,000 insurance plan without his wife's knowledge and then named her as the beneficiary, according to state-run radio network Voice of China.

He then borrowed a car to fake his death in a 'car crash'. He was presumed dead when the car was found in a river, however, his body was never recovered.

He hadn't died of course, but did fail to inform his wife and two children of his plan before his 'death'. All three therefore, thought he had actually died.

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In her grief the man's wife, 31,  took her own life and the lives of their four-year-old son and three-year-old daughter. They were found in a pond near their home after the mother posted a suicide note on Chinese social media site WeChat.

Their bodies were found on October 11, and the man turned himself into Xinhua police in China's southeast the very next day.

He is being held by police on charges of insurance fraud.

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