Harry And Meghan Are So Bloody Awesome They Even Made It Rain

It's raining in Dubbo. This has not happened much lately.

Indeed, the central western NSW city of 40,000 people has had less than 200mm of rain all year.

To put that in terms we can all understand, that's bugger all. In fact it's barely a third of the annual average, and the year's nearly done.

And yet, the heavens are opening on the day when Prince Harry and Megan Markle just happen to be visiting, which is bloody great news for farming families like the Woodleys here.

"It wasn't me mate, it was me missus!"

Why is this happening?

Well, the technical reason is that there's a low pressure trough moving across central NSW, which is why the weather radar in the area currently looks like this:

And why there are severe thunderstorm warnings like this:

But you can't help opening your mind to the possibility of other forces at play here.

While there is precisely zero point zero zero chance that the arrival of Harry and Meghan could have even the slightest impact upon the endlessly complicated interplay between atmospheric pressure and the behaviour of moist airmasses, science really is very tedious and unromantic sometimes.

And that's pretty much the vibe in Dubbo today, where it's about to bucket down and everyone wants to credit the young Royals.

Are Harry and Meghan making it rain?


But also yes, because this has so far been a Royal tour of the most exceptional goodwill, and it doesn't hurt anyone to believe that their magic extends to meteorology.

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*Sports editor Ant Sharwood is also a weather lover. In fact he likes it so much he considers it one of the best sports.

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