Brekky Wrap: Queensland Decriminalises Abortion And Kerryn Phelps Smear Campaign

All the news you need to know this Thursday.

Queensland's state parliament has voted to decriminalise abortion in a move that erases a law from 1899. Abortion was classed as an offence against morality under the state's criminal code, a law that was written well before women had the right to vote. The new law decriminalises abortion up to 22 weeks, with any terminations after that time requiring the approval of two doctors. Safe access zones of 150 metres will be established around abortions clinics.

Queensland decriminalises abortion. Image: AAP

Independent candidate for Wentworth Dr Kerryn Phelps has been targeted in an email smear campaign that claims she has pulled out of the race for the Sydney seat because she has been diagnosed with HIV.  The emails, which have been obtained by the ABC, have been circulated to a number of different organisations urging voters to divert their votes to Liberal candidate Dave Sharma. “I knew there would be dirty tricks but this is pretty low,” Phelps said. Dave Sharma also tweeted condemning the scam, saying he is "disgusted" by the emails.

Prince Harry delivered a speech during his and wife Meghan's visit to Dubbo, NSW as part of their Australian tour. The royal pair visited farms in the rural area to learn about the effects of the current drought. Prince Harry called the farmers "honest, hard-working and as tough as they come" when speaking about their hardships and resilience. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are set to fly to Melbourne on Thursday, where they will ride on a tram to South Melbourne and take part in a beach clean up with school students.

Prince Harry to Rural Residents: "You Are The Backbone Of Australia""

The search for missing journalist Jamal Khashoggi continues, with Turkish investigators entering the Saudi consul's home to gather more evidence about the disappearance. Turkish officials suspect Khashoggi was killed during a visit to the Saudi consulate on October 2, however, the consul himself denies knowing what happened to the journalist. Khashoggi, a Washington Post writer, is known for reporting critically on the Saudi government and regime.

A plane carrying U.S. first lady Melania Trump has been forced to land after the cabin filled with smoke. Trump's plane had to return to a Washington DC area military base about 10 minutes into the flight. She was able to change planes and travel to Philadelphia where she visited a neonatal intensive care unit at a hospital. A spokesperson for Trump said that everyone on board was safe and well after the incident.

Trump's plane was forced to land. Image: Getty Images.

A Chinese man has handed himself into police after he allegedly faked his own death to get an insurance payout. The man didn't tell his wife or children about the alleged plan and so they believed he had died. In her grief, the man's wife drowned herself and their two children after posting a suicide note online. The man turned himself in to police on Friday and has been detained on charges of fraud and intentional damage to property.

Australia's cricket team has suffered another heavy set back in the second test against Pakistan in Abu Dhabi. The Aussies were bowled out for 145 and Pakistan was 2-144 at stumps. After being bowled out for 282 in the first innings meaning they now lead the visitors by 275 runs.

Australia on the back foot in the second test. Image: Getty Images.

Wednesday night's episode of The Bachelorette was a mix of Roman-style games, dance moves and harbour boat rides. Robert made a great impression on Ali during their date together, which earned him a rose at the end of the date. Dancing Ivan managed to secure some one-on-one time with Ali after the group date and a rivalry between front-runners Bill and Charlie became fully-ignited. Catch up on everything you missed on Wednesday night's episode here.

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