Koch-Up Or Genuine Regret? You Be The Judge Of David's Slavery Apology

It's almost as if you can see half his brain arguing with the other half.

It's like an arm wrestle going on inside David Koch's head, as the professional, sensitive, decent half of his brain is momentarily overpowered by the utterly inappropriate part.

It is 8:13 am on Tuesday morning and the 'Sunrise' hosts don't know where to look, after Kochie has made a comment about Usain Bolt which defies both logic and decency.

"Well done Mariners, good going" Koch says of the overnight news that Usain Bolt's A-League trial with the Central Coast club looks to be over, after a big offer from Europe.

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And then, the little extra nobody saw coming.

"Who said slavery was... any. No."

Kochie tries to stop himself after the words "slavery was". What is he thinking? Where is his brain possibly going with this?

What possible linkage between the value of a sprinter-turned-footballer and the abhorrent practice of buying and selling people into forced labour could he possibly be inferring?

And why? Why, Kochie?

Looking at Kochie, he doesn't know the answer either. But he knows he shouldn't have gone there and tries to arrest himself. He can't even get through the word "anyway".

The Koch brain is working fast. "Stop this," it seems to be saying. "Oh my god, it has already been said," it also says.

"This will be replayed on YouTube forever and ever and ever..." his grey matter may also be telling him.

Nat Barr turns up her nose in distaste.

Mark Beretta stares down the barrel of the camera as though an answer, any answer, is there, which it is not.

Sam Armytage appears to be smirking, but is in fact pursing her lips, as desperate as Koch for the moment to be over.

Which it is now. But is also not, because nothing that happens on live television ever dies.

Meanwhile, Koch took to Twitter early on Tuesday afternoon to offer an explanation for his unusual comment.