Wild Weather: Australia Braces for Week-Long Deluge

Brace for a downpour Australia, because the wet weather is here to stay.

What you need to know
  • Almost half of Australia is set for rain for most of the week
  • NSW and QLD today experienced severe storms
  • Severe weather warnings are in place in QLD

There are warnings of severe storm conditions across the country, with meteorologists today saying that soggy conditions will be around for the rest of the week.

More than half of the country is set for rain, with severe storms today in NSW and QLD and severe storms a “growing threat,” according to Sky News meteorologist Rob Sharpe.

Sharpe on Monday said that “it’s going to be a massive week of weather – a lot of rain and thunderstorms.”

“More than half of the country is going to see some rain this week. In terms of thunderstorms, We’ll see a few severe storms today in North East NSW and South East Queensland but that’s just a drop in the ocean compared to the number of thunderstorms we’re going to be seeing this week right across the country.”

NSW is set to buckle down for around a week of heavy rain after one of the dampest October’s in almost a decade.

Ten Eyewitness News meteorologist Tim Bailey on Monday also warned Sydneysiders to expect 1-5mm or even more of showers each day until the weekend.

Bailey said Sydney should expect “leaking skies and big grey clouds colour in the next five or six days.”

In parts of NSW there’s a “damaging wind warning” with “thunderstorms” and “torrential rain,” Bailey said.

Just this morning, heavy rain conditions caused some Sydney trains to come to a grinding halt, with many cancelled and delays pushing on into the afternoon.

Meanwhile Queensland is set for severe storms, heavy rain, damaging winds and large hail, Sharpe said. The forecast comes as the Bureau of Meteorology this afternoon issued a severe storm warning for southeast Queensland.

Damaging winds, large hailstones and heavy rainfall that may lead to flash flooding are likely, the warning said.

The warning stretches from Fraser Island down to the top of NSW, with the warning saying that severe thunderstorms have been detected that are heading northeast to Fernvale and Samford, and could move to parts of Ipswich, Brisbane and Moreton Bay Council.