'Defies Belief': Driver Survives After Crash Tears Car In Two

Emergency services crews are stunned after a driver survived a crash that tore his Commodore in two -- lengthways.

Police, ambulance and fire services rushed to the crash site at Kembla Grange, south of Wollongong, on Sunday morning after reports a car had hit a telegraph pole at speed.

Crews arrived to find the silver Holden sheared in half diagonally, with the front of the car and the front passenger seat in one location, and the driver's seat and rear seats in another.

The driver, who was believed to be wearing a seatbelt at the time, was thrown from the car and sitting on the road, conscious but injured, when emergency services arrived.

"To have a car in that state with that sort of impact, to have the driver's seat compromised and damaged so badly, for him to be in one piece and conscious, it just defies belief," Darin Sullivan, the fire station manager at Dapto, told ten daily.

Acting inspector Lee Ingmire, of Lake Illawarra Police, was similarly shocked.

"It was amazing anyone could survive that, let alone be conscious and talking," she told ten daily.

Ingmire said the driver had been transported to St George Hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

Sullivan said the damage to the car had included a ruptured fuel tank and wires from the electronics system being ripped out, meaning firefighters had to deal with wiring potentially igniting the fuel.

One of the car's doors had speared into the telegraph pole, and deeply embedded into the wood.

"The driver of this car is one of the luckiest I've ever seen in my nearly 30 years in emergency services," Sullivan said.

"The roads are not the Bathurst 1000 people -- slow down."

Ingmire said police were investigating the crash, with speed and alcohol being investigated as possible factors.