Incredible Find Behind Brick Wall

As each brick was removed, the incredible secret behind the wall was revealed.

The homeowners had tried everything to rid their home of bees.

When pest control failed to kill the hive, David Glover, also known as a bee whisperer, was the only man for the job.

The clever bees decided to build their hive hidden in the walls of a home in Germantown, Tennessee.

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Glover is passionate about saving bees, which are endangered in some parts of the world and after carefully collecting bees, he moves them to repopulate abandoned hive boxes for local bee keepers, helping the industry to flourish.

To the untrained eye, the below photo looks like a regular wall but Glover knew something was up, so he documented the operation on his Facebook page and the posts have gone viral.

Using heat sensing equipment, Glover was able to see the central activity of the hive, highlighted in red.

The colony was so large that 13 queens ruled over the fuzzy yellow minions.

Glover then used a hammer drill to reach the hive and smoked the bees, which keeps them calm, while he began removing the colony.

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The Bee Whisperer praised the bees for being "extremely cooperative" through the ordeal.

He even left a small box for the stragglers to return to as a make-shift home so when they find their way back, they aren't homeless.

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