Pregnant Woman, Unborn Twins And Teen Die In Car Crash

Bronco Hoang and his heavily pregnant wife Katherine were taking his little sister Belinda (who also goes by the name Anh) on a practice drive.

Police say Belinda, an L plater, was driving in Orchard Hills, when an oncoming car crossed the median strip and collided head on with her car at around 7.40pm on Friday.

"Basically the crash was so bad, I was just looking for, I literally had to look for people in the car," witness Jarrad Sherlock told Ten Eyewitness News.

Sherlock, an aspiring paramedic, saw the impact and ran to help. 

Katherine and Bronco Hoang are newlyweds who married earlier this year. IMAGE: Supplied

He said he held Belinda's head until the professionals arrived.

"I was just telling her everything was going to be alright, basically just trying to reassure her, but I don't even know if she could hear me," he said.

He told Ten Eyewitness News the car was so crumpled he couldn’t see the other two people in the car until the firefighters cut the car open. 

High school student Belinda, and her pregnant sister in law Katherine, both died at the scene. The crash also claimed the lives of the 23-year-old's unborn children.

Locals say the crash scene was a "mangled mess". Paramedics who attended the scene last night have told reporters it’s the worst crash they’ve ever seen.

"When they took the covers off, you could hardly even tell they were cars," local resident Linda Jenkins told Ten Eyewitness News. 

Belinda recently posted this photo on Instagram of her Year 12 formal. IMAGE: supplied

"Well you really can't comprehend it, a situation like this, where a young mother, 23 years old age not only lost her own life but the life of the twin babies," NSW Police Inspector Phillip Brooks said.

Bronco was rushed to Westmead Hospital and remains in a critical condition, and was put in an induced coma.

The driver of the other car, 29-year-old Richard Moananu, was trapped for a short time then taken to hospital in a critical condition.

He has significant limb injuries, pelvic injuries and potentially mild head injuries, Inspector Ibrahim said.

This horrific crash comes just hours after New South Wales police began Operation Slow Down - a high visibility operation to reduce the road toll as we enter Labor Day Long weekend and school holidays

The operation enforces double demerits to any motorists who flaunt the road rules this weekend.

There were three fatalities in  two crashes on the same long weekend last year.

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